About me

Hello, my name is Radek and I live in Warsaw / Poland.

My main interests are programming in various languages and reverse engineering. My favourite programming language is Go. I have switched to it from Python. I use this two programming languages most often so this blog will be dedicated to them.

I am also big fan of Docker. I have created several server setups using docker compose tools.

I use Arch Linux at every day basis, and I have big experience working as Linux administrator.

As my hobby, I sometimes reverse engineer software written in C, C++, and Java. So in this blog I will show also how to rewrite compiled programs using Golang.

Currently I am studying Computer Science at Master’s academic degree.

Also I am an amateur astronomy hobbyist.

You can find me on:

Contact me:

radek at rzaluska dot com

Topics that will be discussed on this blog:

  • Programming:
  • Reverse engineering:
    • basic assembly
    • reversing games
    • cheats
    • cracking binary formats
    • reverse engineering from C/C++ to Golang
  • Linux:
    • tips and tricks
    • tutorials
    • command line usage
    • developing apps
  • Android from advanced user perspective:
    • developing apps
    • custom roms
    • rooting
  • Other:
    • astronomy
    • math

I hope this blog it will be intresting for many people.


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